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One more week of school.

On the Oregon Trail, we're at Fort Boise. We have had a few snakebites, a couple wagon axles break, some oxen die of exhaustion, and we've run out of flour and water (but fortunately we got to buy more at Fort Hall and stock up on water at Soda Springs!). However, no casualties on our wagon train. We are almost there.

In our Fractions Two workbook, we're on page 30 (of 36 pages total) and the kids still love numbers. We have learned equal fractions, simplifying fractions, multiplying and then simplifying fractions, and today learned what a reciprocal is. Next week we will divide (and conquer our workbooks)!

Class has been nearly all writing and math lately, but we're going to make it. Next Monday is Kids' Day -- we'll be dressing in a 1980s theme, eating watermelon, playing at the park and having board games in class. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be a marathon race to Oregon and to our Fractions unit test. I don't think we'll make it to Ragnarok, but maybe I'll tell them abut the Twilight of the Gods on Friday, the last day of school. We're also going to have a Homesteading party.

Today was the school circus. First graders were lions, dogs and elephants jumping through hoops. Second, third, fourth and fifth graders juggled, hula hooped, tumbled, cartwheeled and spun discs. Fifth graders pyramided with first graders on their backs. It was pretty amazing.
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I posted this to a teaching LJ community, and then I thought I'd like to post it here as well. It made me happy that I could come up with so many things to love about my job.

Things I love about my job:

* My relationships with my colleagues. The teachers and admin at my school really work as a team and get along well. I am happy that I can call many of them my friends.
* The relationships and support from parents since I've taught their children for two years.
* The fact that my students occasionally tell me I'm the 'best teacher' they've ever had.
* When I see students use something I've taught or demonstrate a good habit I've taught them, or when they say "_____ was such a fun lesson, when will we do it again?"
* Planning lessons and anticipating teaching them, imagining the joy with which my students will do them (especially art, music, drama lessons)
* Reading aloud and hearing groans when I close the book at a cliffhanger
* Taking my kids on field trips and listening to their ownership of riding public transportation (we often take the tram downtown for trips)
* Good health and retirement benefits!

There's nothing I HATE about teaching, but here are things I could live without...

* Power struggles with 9-year-olds
* Having to be fatally serious about walking in a quiet line
* Difficult conversations with parents, including recommending students for special ed or talking to parents about behavior issues. I know I'm doing it in a child's best interest, but it's certainly not fun.
* Bureaucratic district bullshit and standardized testing preparation. Fortunately, my administration sees this with the same eyes I do, which makes it easier.
* Little tiny paycheck.
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My kids are amazing writers. OMG. I am so psyched for the rest of the year.
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We are into the home stretch. Only nine weeks left of third grade. In nine weeks I will officially be a fourth grade teacher, which is weird (beforetoday, we will be switching places, won't we?) but exciting. I love this group of children (even when they drive me up the wall and onto the ceiling) and will be happy to take them on.

I am officially freaking out about how much there is left to do this year, though:

* Finish state testing (we took the Oregon reading assessment this week and will be taking the math assessment next week)
* Parent teacher conferences (next Thursday and Friday)
* Class play (started memorizing songs and lines this week, will continue next week, have to make props and costume and set too!)
* Building project (my class will be building a garden bed for the school)
* Spring garden (we started our kale, chard and tatsoi starts yesterday, but I am worried about their growth...)
* Farm field trip (my class will be visiting Ekone Ranch the last week of May
* Not to mention finishing the 'Life of Moses', another Gardening block, a Money block and then a year-end review! Yikes!!!
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Elementary student teacher desperately needs job interview/portfolio advice before next Wednesday.

I'm graduating in June with my MAT, student teaching in 4th grade. My actual solo teaching time doesn't start for three more weeks, but I have an interview on Wednesday evening. It's with a new Waldorf-inspired charter school in the district where I would really love to work. Although I'm wary of new charter schools, I love the idea of working for a Waldorf school, and teaching jobs are really, really hard to come by in Portland, so this may be my only chance!

Anyway -- I did not think I'd be getting an interview this soon, and I haven't solo taught yet, so I don't have a lot of material to put into my portfolio. However, I'd really like to impress them in my interview.

If you were throwing together a portfolio over the weekend, what would you put in it? What different sections would you have? How would you display photos of your students?

If you were an interviewer at a Waldorf school, what might you ask?

Thanks in advance!
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hey -- if you are my 'friend' and i don't know you in person, would you comment below so i know who you are?

in other news, i'm still at home today because my cohort leaders are still working on finding me a mentor teacher. it looks as though i will be switched from 1/2 to 3/4. i guess that's okay. i was looking forward to all of the reading instruction i'd get to do in 1/2, though.

i hope i am in a classroom soon.

although, from what i've heard, i'm lucky to be missing out on all the tedium of staff meetings.

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